MyRadar Pro Weather Radar App Reviews

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Great especially for pilots

This app is great especially for pilots. It gives great accurate information and radar pics. If you fly, it gives overlays of weather and air mets, tfrs, and IFR information. Very helpful for quick checks on weather before you fly or travel. I also use this as my "go to" realtime weather information source when the cable or satellite goes out during severe weather. (I live in tornado alley, but my cell signal never goes out).

Great app

I use it all the time.


Great app for watching rain location and weather in places you are going or have interest in

MyRadar Pro

Great app ! I use it all the time. Pretty darn accurate.

My radar app

Great aviation app. Use it everyday

Has been a real asset when out on Disaster Relief deployments!

Good App

Radar features are great, lacks weather forecast. Forecast says showers but radar shows no clouds and no rain. shows no rain forecasted for the next 6 hours. Not a all in one app I was looking for.

Complete weather

Best weather app i ever used. Great for weather when i am boating

slow and slower

app was working fine before last update , now slow as a snail.need fix for ipad pro! on iphone6 it works ok but you have to reload purchase ever time you open the app...

The Best!

A great App! Its my main weather source! Love it!


Really like this app, gives great weather info.

Best app for radar plus wind makes it awesome

I love the wind overlay. It gives great insight to the weather and prediction of it. Would be beyond awesome if could overlay pressures too.

It does the job the way I want to have it done.

This app functions exactly how I would like a weather app to function. Anytime I feel the need to personally evaluate the likelihood of being caught in bad weather, I can see for myself. The radar is very granular and is useful for determining whether to try and finish a round of golf or to run like hell for the clubhouse. You can also use it to estimate if the rain is going to stop in the next ten minutes or in an hour. If thats what you want, this does it reliably and well.

More Accurate

This app gives me a much more accurate view of our local weather conditions, and its cool to watch.


This belongs in your arsenal of radar and/or weather apps. Simple sleek interface. Ive had it for years and theyve kept it updated and it always works.

highly recommended

I cant tell you how many times I have recommended this app, and how many I know now use and depend on it, many times daily. Ah, and get this . . . it works, just great. Other than my local NOAA page for more locally detailed info, this is my weather app. Love it!

We use it to supplement our Jet Operations

We use approved FAA sources as primary for radar of course. This app is a good backup for ground/enroute operations. Radar detail slightly better than ForeFlight Aviation app IMHO. Lacks height of radar return data but we get that from other sources to help shape the big picture. Fast loading. Continues to improve.

Go to weather app

Works better than local tv station apps

Love it!

Easy and accurate! I use it everyday.


This app is phenomenal. I actually use it in conjunction with other weather maps as well (kind of a geek that way). And Ive found that this app is right in sync with the best of them in determining weather pattern and weather forecasts. As far as Im concerned it is well worth the price. Get it.

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