MyRadar Pro Weather Radar 应用的评论


Craig Hitchcock M.Ed.

I would like to see a draw functionality b where we can draw a line from a storm to our site and it would give you the miles the storm is from us. I love everything else about the radar.👍🏻

Great Weather app

I have 3 favorite weather apps and this is one of them. The radar is fast and easy to see. They just added a free feature and it lets you know with a push message that it is about to rain at my location. A great radar app that keeps getting better.

I work outside, I need this.

This one works. Great reliability. I have multiple weather apps, this one I go to most often.

Time on radar screen not local time

I just bought this app yesterday and am very impressed with it. However, I noticed the times given while the radar plays are not my local time - it seems to be 3 hrs “later”. i.e. a time zone in the Atlantic. (I’m in EDT). Somewhat confusing

My Favorite

This is my #1 go to radar app for the best coverage and accurate response to vital incoming weather. ❤️


It's pretty sad I had to buy my radar pro when the non pro I was using locked up for days so I think it's your app purchase not mine!!

Great app

To the inventors of this app this is a good app but you know I paid for this app and I do expect just like among others that paid for this app it should be very very accurate from weatherwise to location wise so you NEED to fix this issue immediately you need to make this a priority to fix because I am having to delete and re-download about every two weeks because my location is in the wrong place The weather here in Southwest Florida is so unpredictable that 1 - 2 mile Different Can make a difference in safety ———- Being a paid app with the people expect better accuracy

Great Radar weather app

Very easy to navigate, and it provides up to the minute weather reports of not only your area but the world.

Great Radar App

Love this app. I'm a Jeep Wrangler owner and this app has been instrumental in dodging storms when I have not top on the vehicle in summer months.


Use the app everyday. Found it to be more reliable than local stations. Thanks

The Go To Weather Radar App

I’ve tried several different maps and MyRadar is far ahead of all of them! Spend the 3 bucks and get the ad free version! Fast redraw/refresh rates with plenty of options to adapt your user needs and overlays!

The most useful app I have on my phone!

The most through and complete weather app I have found. Alerts are timely and always accurate, much better than the storm warning system that exist in the city I live in!

Recovering Intellicast user has found a home

Exceptional data available, including wind stream. Spend the few bucks for the pro version. It’s worth every penny.

Boat owner

Great app to keep track of the weather while out on the water boating. I like the latest update that notifies you when rain is nearby, this is a really great feature.


Use it every day this hot summer time. Love it!!

Best There Is

I have had many radar apps over the years. This one is by far easiest to read. The dark contrast is great. It takes just a little longer to load up, but worth the wait. This is my go to radar app over them all.

Great App

I’m a high school teacher, flight instructor, and outdoor enthusiast. I use this app everyday! Great product!


I like to have the ability to have access to accurate and precise weather forecast so that I may plan my daily activities

When it a mater of safety.

I trust this app for my protection when outdoors. I farm a little and don’t watch TV that much. Today I was informed of lightning close by. There was a change in plans.

Black screen

How about an update that works

Good app

As good as any other but seemingly not so android friendly. I have and iPhone and iPads so works for me. MyRadar is usually my first go to. I’m glad they finally added the rain notification. 👍🏻

Bad update

The program was working great until I upgraded tonight. Now Ionly see a black screen. What happened??

Good app

Has a lot of different ways to customize the radar map. Have used for many years.

Many screen freezes

Except for the few times updates had backwards compatibility Issues MyRadar is a great product, btw the issues were fixed within a couple of days.

Handy app

See storms coming!

Works good, but no location crosshairs on iPad Pro 12.9

On my iPhone X, there are location crosshairs. You center it on a town on the map, and it tells you the towns current temperature. Very handy. However, this doesn’t work on the iPad Pro. I’ve written to support about it, but they seem unwilling or unable to fix it. So yeah. It would be a great addition to the app on the iPad for sure. It’s a nice app otherwise.

Works well

App loads faster than others I've tried. I particularly like how it shows past rain movement on startup. I can track weather in a few seconds whereas WeatherBug takes 30 seconds or more to load and show movement. Update: we are particularly interested in storms when on our lake because they build up quick and come from behind hills. MyRadar Pro has proven to be consistently more accurate than our four local TV weather apps. WeatherBug is also better than our local TV apps but accessing its features is much slower and I get impatient.


I’m using iPad Pro 12.9 inch. Will not work keeps crashing. Just did the latest update, sorry still crashes. Just checking again. Still shuts down...crashes Hooray you fixed it. thank you. works good excellent app

Pretty good

Looking forward to seeing if the rain notification is really accurate.....

Good Looking, Informative, Accurate, and a travel buddy!

Comes in handy everyday while I am abroad! Not only is it cozy on the night theme, but it is accurate and very integrated! Thank you!


I paid for the professional version an extra couple updates it said I didn’t have it. Even though I did have full function of the professional just a checkmark in the settings that I didn’t have it. They told me it would be something different if I pay the 699. I paid it and it was for the same application I already had. This app keeps on making me pay for it over and over again. I do not recommend it


Excellent app. Use it everyday as professional pilot. Only negative is does not show weather in Mexico

Best one yet

It’s very accurate and thats what counts.

No Echo Tops

Love this radar, but it would be 5 stars if it had the option for echo tops like the android version.

Got to be useless and inaccurate do not waste money on it

We had paid for it, it is now useless, because it is constantly messing our plans like saying there is rain and 4 other apps correctly sayin there is no rain and those 4 are indeed correct. Wasted money on this one.


I had the free version for a long time, just got the one that you pay for. It seems about the same to me. I do like location where weather events are. Thank you


The first version of this app was great and worked well, the Pro version won’t open for me at all on iPad or iPhone running iOS 11.4 Hope to leave a better review in the near future but living on a barrier island and hurricane season upon us, I don’t have time for buggy apps.

Flight plan display doesn’t work on iPhone X

Upgraded to the x and the flight plan no longer displays on the map. It will find the owner and aircraft type but no longer displays the flight track.

Idk what the problem is

I paid for the professional in app purchase to see velocity signatures. However I don’t see it and the time is 8 or so minutes behind, it would be understandable if it was 5 mins or less.

Good when it works

When this app works, it's actually quite accurate and useful. Problem is it doesn't work most of the time. It either hangs perpetually with "loading" displayed, crashes or only part of the app works (like current weather but no forecast). I thought maybe the pro version which I paid for would be better. It's even worse. This has been happening for a long time so doesn't appear the developers care or are equipped to make upgrades.


Easy to use. Very good

Flight plan no longer displays

The aviation layers once worked exceptionally well on My Radar Pro. However, the app will no longer display a flight plan track, even when properly selected and set up in layers. This has been a problem for several months on my iPhone 7 and on other pilots’ different model phones, and has not been rectified after several updates. This is otherwise a very useful weather app, but has lost a significant amount of its utility.

Have Pro for years, now crashes

I have loved this app for years, paid for the Pro version and now as others have said, crashes every time I open in last several days. What’s going on? This is useless now. Please fix it!

This app continually gets worse....

I loved this app about a year ago. It was smooth, clean, worked well. Now it is finicky to load, slow, and the notification settings get reset (it appears) on every update. I had mine set to only go off for Tornado warnings. Now it goes off for any thunderstorm watch/warning and I cannot change it. Nothing like being terrified of the notification going off thinking it’s a tornado warning, only to see it’s a watch. Don’t buy the pro version. Keep the free or look elsewhere. Very disappointed.

Best weather app

This is the best weather app out there. I like the radar signal on the map that shows clean delineation of the rain foot print, no blurring of lines. Also it gives alerts as to storm arriving time and lightning strikes. Well worth the money, recommend to all weather watchers.

best radar app

other radar apps are hard to set up and are not as concise

Diminishing functionality.

App is now sluggish and does not render animation even though they are selected. Disappointed because I just bought the hurricane tracker too.

Great App Could use one thing

Love the app but it would be nice to search and store multiple cities/places to re-visit when needed.

Good program

This is a nice program but the radar doesn’t seem to update past when you start the program.

My Radar

I depend on My Radar fo all weather info

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