MyRadar Pro Weather Radar 应用的评论


Grey Bar Bug

With the iPhone X there has been a translucent bar at the top of the screen. It serves no purpose and runs through the time and signal strength so there's no way it was placed there on purpose. It's obvious that if you wanted it there it should run above or below the time. It's been there for awhile. Thought you should know.

Doesn’t work on Apple Watch

If you already have this app you will not get it to work on your Apple Watch three. So don’t spend the 99 cents for the upgrade for the watch. No manner of reboots, deletions, or restarts will help. There’s no drop down menu for tech support. As a stand alone app it’s pretty good. Just no good on the Apple Watch. It just keeps telling you to purchase the upgrade which you have already done. Disappointing

Latest version crashes on open

This used to be a great product, but you keep adding useless features and now today's update crashes on opening. Hope you can get a fix soon.

No iPad multitasking support??

Please add multitasking to be able to split screen in the app (should have been added years ago). Also add lightning strikes to map. Another suggestion is to give users the option to use Apple maps vs. whatever the current map provider your using.

Problems after 4-20 update

Hello My radar is crashing after the last update on 4-20-2018. It tries to open but flashes to home screen after a split second. Double click and it is in my open app's, but when I touch to open flashes map for split second and returns to my home screen.?? Any ideas???

Love my radar

Very accurate and current thank you

Update (+ irritating tutorial) seemingly every week

First off I love this app. I have had it for several years and it should be part of iOS. It’s that good. And it is a 6* app. I love all the features and I used it all the time. Thunderstorm warnings, flood advisories, tornado watch and warnings are so useful. Very rarely does it glitch and i think it has more to do with the feed rather than the app. All the options are great. It’s a must have whether you have a boat, or, live in Texas. I gave this 3* for one reason - updates. Seemingly every week I have to go through the tutorial on how to use it and it is maddening when you just want a quick look at the radar. The app takes a few seconds to load up, which is fine because there is a lot of great information provided. But clicking the app and looking away for a second while the app loads is a waste of time now because by default I have to watch it load knowing I’m going to get a tutorial. Either have an option to turn it off or hard code a way for the app to know whether the app is simply updating an existing version or a new install Please make this and make it a 6* app for me again

Same here - Crashes

Crashes after most recent update.

Great app!

I have used this app for awhile now on android and iPhone. Works good, forecasting is off sometimes, but the radar works great! I would love to see a lightning layer added to this app, I work outside and I would like to be able to track it as it gets closer.

Sigh. The bar is so low now.

Sometime in the last few weeks the iPad precipitation graphs stopped working (for now the second time). Now, recently the watch no longer recognizes the in-app purchase (also a prior issue). This cycle of breaking something after fixing something else seems to keep repeating with this app. Questionable testing and a low bar for QA must be the culprits. Sigh.

New update crashes

I just downloaded the new update. It now just crashes on my iPad 3. Won't open!

Love It!

I live by this app for my lake effect storms. It's a great app.

Nice App

Can you add UV Index to the daily information? Thanks!

My radar rocks

I love my radar for watching weather to determine if a golf game will be called. I use it the most in the warm weather months!


Nothing works. Glitzy radar display and that’s it. Tap location for warnings and you get warnings for counties 100’s of miles away. Non intuitive. Forecast stinks. Why did I pay for this crap?

Weather Master

And it does so much more! I enjoy knowing where the daily earthquakes are around the world, too. Often, I find I can judge just how close the rain or snow will pass and have used that when sailing (with my water proof I-phone X). I look forward to someday having wider range in other countries, too, as with earthquakes.

One of the better weather apps!

With the ruination of WU Storm by The Weather Company, MyRadar Pro has become my go-to weather app for basic forecast information. It could still be improved, however. Two missing features are storm cell tracking and lightning maps.

Excellent Radar and more

My favorite weather app. The radar presentation is great. You get everything you need quickly. This is a must have app.

Will no longer open

Loved this app, but it will no longer open

No lightning layer!?

Hope i missed it but can not find one.

Top App!

I’ve been a military and airline pilot for 35 years and use this app almost every day. It’s among the very best of its type on the market!

Keeps we up to date across the nation

Keeps we up to date across the nation

Great app

I use it often and find the info very useful and seem to be accurate Big improvement from my early days calling 1 800 Wx brief

Not Impressed.

Sure the layers are nice but I need a 5-15 day outlook with details on each day, not just one day. Also, I deleted accuweather to try this app and Radar Pro is less accurate. Forecast isnt remotely close in my area. Dont waste money on it or depend on it.

stop the video stuff

keep it simple a weather app it looks and IS pro so dont mess it up remove the stupid video stuff

Can't purchase apple watch upgrade

Works after restarting iPhone. But the apple watch version auto quit several times. I can't add this app to watch face. No response when I click the upgrade button

This app has potential

Unfortunately after paying $3 for the pro version, all I got was more costs for features that should have been included. The feature for marking favorite locations seems to be limited to one location. There is no clear method for deleting a favorite location in order to replace it with another. The default favorite seems to be the North Pacific as it seems to consistently come up when I swipe the bar left or right to find the one and only favorite location on the app. AND, there is no help or contact button anywhere. Even on fast internet service, the action is very jerky/jumpy.

Love the app

Would like to see predictive radar.


What the heck have you done to my radar app?? I can’t find my cities that I had plugged in and I touch on your stupid game, and I can’t get rid of it! No stars!

Very Disappointed!

Radar map image is poor—even in HD option. Radar image is constantly in motion and no way to stop it. Stupid “Letter of the Day” popup—what a nuisance! Nothing that shows the tracking of the weather cells—but I suppose many may not need this since the cells are always in motion. No precipitation amount. Not enough user options. To me, this App doesn’t represent a full featured weather App and the radar isn’t all that useful due to few user options.

Not great

Does not have good resolution on temperature versus time. Disappointing.


I read a lot of reviews, looking for something that’s better than weather dot com’s maps. I don’t think you can go by the reviews anymore. This paid app has very limited value over free options. There are still ads, still upgrades to buy, and the radar yikes makes it impossible to know what’s happening right now. It’s either animating or showing something 10min old.

PAY for Apple Watch capability?

No thanks... moving on to other radar apps that provide the information on the watch at no cost 👎🏽

really unhappy!

this was my favorite weather app. after the last update all I have is some star citizen crap and no weather for planet earth. I am going to delete the app. i thought the pro version meant professional. this is unbelievable!

You are Greedy!!!

I have used this app for years. It has been my go to app to see the radar. When I first got my Apple Watch, I would see the radar on my watch. Now they want me to pay .99 to get to use the radar on my watch. I paid money to upgrade to radar pro. WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO PAY AGAIN?!?!??? I am deleting both of your apps because there are other weather apps that allow me to see the radar and aren’t going to charge me for it!!!!! 😡


I have Radar Proon my iPhone and my watch. Works well and is a great app. Your bug fix worked to put it back on phone. But watch app does not connect. Just keeps trying. But no data. I tried your support link but after I type problem no way to send it. O paid for pro and watch app and watch just does not work on wifi or data.

Detail lost in “HD” version

The HD version does not capture light rain and snow. So much so that the setting is almost unuseable. The only setting that gets local events is the local radar, but then you need to change to a different radar as soon as you move out of the the area. The old version was much better.

Every piece of app is $2.99!

Removing ads is $2.99, adding hurricane tracking is another $2.99. Shame on you.


I have lost the ability to remove or set individual locations to be monitored. For a new location, the ‘star’ is empty, and when tapped, remains empty and location is not set. For an existing location, tapping on the star does not change to ‘empty’ and the location is not removed. Update caused forcast dropdown to loose contrast. Very hard to read. Was perfect before update. Please change contrast back to where it was before latest update. UPDATE: Pro radar pack is working! It was that the individual stations now fade out and the screen needs to be moved to have stations become visible so choice can be made. Cancel below comment. Have severe wx coming in. Switched to professional radar pack and it will not activate. Did the restore previous purchases and it shows it was reloaded and should be available. However, checked in 'submit diagonstic report' and it only shows 'huricane tracker' and 'wx warning.' While 'layers enabled' shows 'wx forcast,' 'hurricane tracker,' 'radar,' and 'clouds.' Need to get my purchased professional radar pack back.


My radar is excellent... Use it all the time.

What happened?

I can barely tell the difference between a snow storm on radar and the background, IF the radar even loads, and after going through the “intro” every day I open the app

I love this app

Great work it’s really improved a lot since the last update.

my new favorite

This is hands down my new favorite weather app. It is near perfection in both form and function. Absolutely beautiful displays of weather information and almost every layer you could want to see. All within a polished user interface. The only thing I believe is missing is a layer to see local lightning and I hope that might be added in the future (or otherwise I may have missed).

THE Best Wx Radar

Have been using this app for several years now, it's my #1 go-to radar app. Many useable features. Well done.

Weather station at your finger tips!

This app is amazing and so useful I wonder how I lived without it. Coaching a sports team for many years, I discovered the wonderful way to keep track of developing weather patterns at my fingertips. Keep up the great work!

Won’t work on my Apple Watch. 😞

I really like the app on my phone, so i paid the additional $.99 to allow the app on my Apple Watch. And the app on my Apple Watch will not open. I’ve enabled location services on my phone like it says and it does nothing! 😞 Anyone have any ideas why?

Fantastic App!

HD weather is kind of useless, but the classic stuff that is tried and true works flawlessly. Bit of a gripe tho: Could you please stop resetting the tutorial after every update? Yes, I can hit skip, but that it pops up is incredibly annoying. We don’t need a walkthrough every new iteration. Maybe save it for major updates that add new features?

Don’t deliver the goods

I purchased this app for the sole purpose of having a great looking app for my watch. After paying the additional $.99 for the Apple Watch set-up, I could not find it anywhere in my watch set-up! I sent off an e-mail to the company and NEVER got a reply. No we are sorry it’s not available now or it’s not ready to use yet, nothing..... after scrolling thru other ratings, I see others have had the same issue. Revised 1-31-18: I received a reply hours after my first review asking about my issue and they stated that they have had that problem and were working hard on it and hopefully would have it done in the next few days, which they did a day later. Unfortunately when I updated the app and tried to restore my purchase it did not do it, and made me pay for the watch app again. Once I got it on my phone, I could not find the app to make it a shortcut on one of my faces. You need to go into the darn bubbles to open it up which is frustrating. After getting it open, it is a great app with tons of very useful information that I use multiple times a day.

Hate the instructions

I don't like the fact every time I open up the app I have to flip through the instructions.

Works great!

My go to weather app!

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