MyRadar Pro Weather Radar App revisa


Graphics are superb


It's pretty sad I had to buy my radar pro when the non pro I was using locked up for days so I think it's your app purchase not mine!! Excellent overall and un-matched to other apps but I wish I could see more temp numbrs in Michigan other than 1 in the whole state?

Great !

Great app. Does what they says it does.. zoom in feature is awesome for seeing exactly where the storms are.

No Wind Forecast

I paid for the Pro and it only shows the wind currently. Not what the wind prediction will be in tomorrow, the next day, etc. I paid mostly for the wind forecast. Didn’t meet my expectations.

Excellent Depiction Weather App

As an instructional aviator, I use a variety of government and non-government weather sources to get my short and longer term weather picture. My Radar is one of my “go to” favorites. With the aviation layers turned on, I can get a great color enhanced current weather depiction that allows me control of the layers I need to see to build a weather picture. With the wind flow depiction, I frequently use this app to train my students in understanding cyclonic and anticyclonic wind flows and their relations to cloud formation, rainfall patterns, and frontal activity. If I could add one feature to this app, it would be an optional overlay of pressure system centers and related frontal boundaries. These can easily be seen using other apps and website weather, but adding it here would really enhance the utility of this otherwise perfect app. I highly recommend this app and it’s add ins!!

Never fails

This app never fails to provide information on my weather when I need it.

Great App

Many options, great resource for planning and traveling. Temperature map, hurricane tracker, wind direction and earthquake database are all up-to-date and accurate. Simple to use and interactive.

Stopped Working

I’ve really liked this app for several years. Suddenly today, it opens for maybe two seconds then crashes.

My go to Radar App

One of the best apps out there for novice to professional weather geeks. I have several different apps, but this is my “go to” where I can drill down in to the layers, get aviation information, Hurricane tracking, the works.

Great app works well, very accurate, my main source for keeping up with the weather.

Awesome, I’m an over the road truck driver, weather knowledge is very important, I love this App it’s the best, I will ALLWAYS keep it and use it, even setting at home it’s great.

Doesn’t work on iPad with iOS 12.0.1

Locks up and crashes about 5 seconds after opening. iPad Pro 2/iOS 12.0.1

What’s going on with this App

This app just recently started acting haywire. When I choose the icon it acts like its trying to load then it logs itself out. I love this app! It has always worked perfectly and accurately. Please take a look and see what the issue may be.

Was great, doesn’t work anymore

Was my fave weather/radar app, latest version bugged as all hell. Crashes. Every. Time.

My mainstay

I’ve come to heavily rely on this app at our ranch. It works great and is quite handy in helping plan our day/week

Rain Notifications

You can get notifications for impending rain by type: drizzle, light, moderate, or heavy. But only one type. Why not all four?

Used to be awesome - now crashes after 2 secs

I have used this app for a few years and it has always been my go to app for checking storm systems. After recent IOS updates, it crashes within a couple of seconds of opening. It is rendered useless. Hope it can get fixed so I can re-rate it.

Saved the day many times.

Great App- pro version is worth the price.

Location Change

Wish to type in a city instead of trying to scroll across map for a location change

My radar Pro app review

I've been using my radar pro for about a year now. I do a lot of photography with lightning and storms. This is one app that all you storm chasers and lightning photographers definitely need! I have tried other apps but this one is my number 1 favorite ~love it!!! You can check out my lightning photos at Bobby Wummer photography on Facebook, and that will tell you how much I love this app. If you want to be in front of the storms you need to get this app for your phone.

If you like Weather!!

So, I use this as a teaching tool and as learning tool for myself. I paid for some of the upgraded weather data. But if you like weather, it is worth it.


Awesome weather app! Highly recommend it.


Simple and fast.

Big Bear Ohio

My job includes dispatching outdoor workers in 4 Great Lakes States. With My Radar Pro on my big iPhone I can see the precipitation and zoom over all the workers locations for local conditions & local forecasts without relying on our company internet service which often slows down and sometimes goes kaput.

Killer App

Great program, good control of map layers. Awesome,graphics. Rich feature set

Radar Pro

Definitely worth the fee charged and extremely accurate. Additional features are really cool too.


Outstanding app For safety of family

Easy to use

This app fires up fast and works everywhere. Great for golfers


Great. I can be like Tom Skilling

Great App-Must have.

This is one great app to have. Reminds me if rain is about to happen. Hope that one day they will shoe precipitation on other countries asid from US, Japan and parts of Europe.

Meteorology Made Better

Great app for notifications and accurate information.

Does not load on my iPad

Keeps starting then closes out immediately still works on my iPhone but doesn’t have the forecasts that the iPad shows used to work now it doesn’t love it when it works

Great radar

Vet useful every day. Keeps you updated all day long

No longer have the upgrade

I no longer have the upgrades I paid for since the the latest iPhone update. I can’t recommend this app.

Crashes often on iPhone 6

Excellent app but crashes OFTEN on iPhone 6 when starting the app.

100% good

It’s helping with this storm as of now so I’m happy thank u to the maker of this app


Great learning device. Easy to use. Lovely to look at.


Great weather radar and so much more! THX

Great Help

We use My Radar Pro for trip planning and to keep an eye on severe weather in our regions. So much better than that channel that fakes weather severity. Also like the global reach when we get to see what’s happening where friends live around the world.

My go to radar app, but...

App has a great radar, but has a tendency to get overwhelmed and crash.

Best weather app

Someone recommended this weather app to me and the first time I used it was while I was traveling up interstate 35 in the rain. The app immediately recognizes where you are and the screen shows your dot and all the areas nearby on the radar so you can easily see when the motion starts what you are in for. I have always disliked having to figure out where I am, then turn on the motion, then watch the poor video screen chug through a slow time lapse. This app eliminates all of that. I deleted two other apps off my phone and put this one on the first screen.


I like my radar it is great. The only downfall is unless there are islands it does not show if it’s raining or if hurricane is forming. And if one is it does not show it until it gets closer to land.

Great App!

One of the best and most functional weather apps available.

Best Radar App Ever!!!

Best radar app hands down

My helping hand

When you live on the Coast you need this App.

Sports dad

Recommend it to everyone!

The BEST weather app

If you live near effected areas, get the hurricane upgrade - best tracker.


So far it’s been great. The radar is the most useful I’ve used. Very handy especially when traveling.

A must

This is a must for motorcycle riders. It helps to plan last minute routes as we face weather.

Weather radar

Great app. Good accurate information. Can't live without it!


Used to be a great app. Now crashes after a few seconds. Same problem on multiple devices.

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