MyRadar Pro Weather Radar App revisa


Graphics are superb

My favorite radar app

I have been using this program for years, it has always worked well. I like comprehensive it is, and the level of customization. You wont be disappointed if buy this one!

Only because

Great app... 3 stars only because I have had to buy the add ones a couple of times. Made several calls to tech support with no help at all. Other then that I do enjoy this program.



My go to app for severe weather

This has become the app I reach for to understand when I’m concerned about severe weather.


A lot of FAKE reviews. The developers are having people they know leave fake reviews. Annoying popups not related to weather.

Best weather app

Great app to see the approaching inclement weather

My radar

I love the speed and sensitivity of my radar! When weather is in my area I always go to it because it opens and updates so fast!

Best radar app.

I use this frequently. It works!


The most up to date radar.

Best weather app

I totally love this app for real-time weather! It is the best!

Top Cop.

Great app always accurate.


Great app! When traveling or just at home I can always see what’s going on.

On spot always!

Really enjoy radar pro because it gives accurate information and I can check with earthquakes are.

Quick and precise

Watching for flash flood potential, this app brings you everything you need to stay informed and alert.

My fav

Good radar app, not laggy, if you pay extra you can download a fart radar that can pick up the heat from people’s farts. It’s pretty cool.

Tried others

I’ve tried other radar apps and this clearly the best. I pay for the pro version but I think it’s worth it for the great service. My only down side is I can’t find a way to pause the time movement on my iPhone 6s, but this feature works great on the iPad.

Great information

I have had My Radar for years. It has been a mainstay of my work and play. I can trust it to give mean accurate and up to date screen shot of what the weather is doing and going to do.


My radar is a must have for home, travel and all outdoor sports a especially hunting buddy

Best weather app out there!!!

Used this extensively while offshore fishing and even in the Exumas. Very useful!!


Use it all the time have several but use this radar most and first

Tom R

Each update makes this app BETTER😎👍. THANKS !!! Best radar l have found!! Love to watch the storms and the snow and ice show up great !!

Real time

As close to real time as you can get

Radar #1

Rain radar is the best on the app market, no glitches and no performance problems I love it!

Go to weather map

I love that the radar starts moving as soon as you open app- enhanced weather news for your area when you use the pull down option (swipe from top to bottom of screen) and I really like how close you can drill down on a storm radar when traveling to determine best route to miss a storm - seems very accurate

Favor Weather App

The whole family has this app on their phones. Even with the few minute time delay on info, it lets us know what weather is coming our way or likely to be on route when we hit the road. Houston gets big downpours and lots of localized flooding so knowing where storms are and how they’re moving is extremely helpful.

Best by far

Since most free in motion apps have gone away long ago. I’m very happy with this one.

Love it

Quick and easy to read

La mejor de todas, lejos

10 puntos the best

Great app

Easy to use and I find the earthquake info fascinating.

Great app for boaters

Very accurate as to when and where particularly thunderstorms will strike. Unfortunately this is only for near shore. Farther out you need to use the boat radar which is nowhere near as good as this app.

Best app!

This is the best radar app. No contest.

My Radar Pro

Whoa it sure comes in handy.

5 starts

Work on a tugboat. Always accurate no issues

Great Radar app

This is an air raft grade radar. It's accurate and fun to watch as storms roll in. I use it so in know what to prepare for. Last Monday I saw the radar images of multiple storm cells mixing in straight for us. I was able to gather flashlights and filled my mug with ice water while filling a back up in case the power went port, which it did. Of course after that I had no wifi to see what was happening, but it has been very useful. My wife sometimes works nights and I can warn her of monsoon storms coming here way so she gets home safe. This is an awesome app! Thx guys!.,!

Every Day!

Now we are amateur weather reporters to our family and friends! It is comforting when we hear thunder to be able to look at the size and direction of the storm. Thank you for making the app so user friendly!

My radar

Awesome, love it, worked great in Europe as well.

Essential App!

I couldn’t live without my radar app in the spring and summer. It’s the best and only way to know when another damaging hail storm is imminent in my area. Excellent high definition pictures zoomed in or out. Totally accurate! Thanks.


The best radar app bar none!


It seems to freeze and be difficult to maneuver Compare your output to weatherbug Compare your output to the weather channel Be better and more thorough than them

Totally awesome app

This app has become my favorite “go to” radar app. The push notifications are were a nice surprise and work great. Are you a weather nut or just want a great weather radar app, this is the one to get‼️

Great App

I own a flight school and use this app extensively when giving student training. It allows instructional flights with an eye on encroaching storms. No more guessing on approaching bad weather that often goes around us or dissipates. I recommend it highly.

Works great!

Always there to give you an accurate and reliable look at what is coming our way with pinpoint precision.

Best Weather App Out There!

I have to say that this might just be the best weather app out there because I live in Colorado near the rocky mountain. Especially at the end of July through August season, it is rainy all the time, so when I get a notification saying that it will rain in about 15 minutes or so, and then 15 minute past that notification, I looked out of my window and it started to rain! I am pretty surprise that this app is almost pretty darn accurate. Probably why people get such bad review is because they are not living in a location where it rains or snow all the time and therefore, leaving their conclusion to review this as a bad app.

Owner janssenfabricating

Good graphics, fairly fast updates. Use it many times a day

Worth it

I use it all the time. Gives me tons of useful information. Indispensable when changing weather conditions can affect your work!!!

Boating Assist

Great for checking the weather when I can't see the sky while fishing from my boat on the rivers. Great for knowing what to expect as we travel

I wish they’d add lightning strikes to this.

Otherwise it’s a great app. It’s my go-to for local weather.

Outstanding App

Outstanding App that is truly realistic in what it displays

I love this app

I love this app! I use it every day several times a day!


By far the best radar app out there.

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