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Great app.


It a great app



New update crashes

I just downloaded the new update. It now just crashes on my iPad 3. Won't open!

The best weather app...

...available in the app store, imo. Very accurate. Please add an indicator next to the barometric pressure to indicate if the the pressure is rising, falling or steady. By the way, in 24-hour time format, midnight is 00:00 not 24:00. Thank you.

My go to weather radar

I love this app!

All you need but severely drains your battery

Buyer beware: This app has good radar, can get temp info easily and you can jump to cities efficiently. However, use it even for a short period and you’ll lose 5-10% of your battery. Thus, I use it only in short bursts. I wish there was a more effective alternative.

Great Weather App!

This is my go to Weather app. I have used many weather apps in the past and must say this one is by far the best. I love the graphics and the accuracy of the radar is phenomenal. While I am out and about I depend greatly on this app for accurate radar display. I can usually tell if it is going to rain or snow within a matter of minutes just by looking at the radar display. I highly recommend this app to anyone who depends on the radar forgetting any precipitation data in your area. Five stars all day long!


This is my go to app when the weather gets bad. I’ve tried a lot of radar apps and this is by far the best I’ve found.

Used to love my radar pro

I use to love this app ! But what good is it on my iwatch if it does not have a face complications? I am so disappointed ☹️

I Like To Be Aware of my Surroundings

My radar is such a great tool for pinpointing up and coming bad weather storms.

Great app

Awesome and accurate app

Go to for weather

Reliable and timely app. Best I’ve found for latest weather. Useful while sailing to predict pending wind shifts and rain.

Just crashes now

The app now just crashes


I use this app every day... living in the mountains, the weather is very unpredictable... but your app is always there when I plan my day!

Almost Perfect

1 less star since it doesn’t alert every NOAA weather alert. It is only limited to rain or major alerts such as hurricanes or snow

Excellent app

This app gives you everything that you need to know it would be better if it had isobars and high and low pressures don’t noted on the screens but overall very goods

Search feature

I do not like this new search feature. When I click the arrow, I just want to go to my current location. Can you please make the search function a stand alone feature somewhere else at the bottom of the app? Thanks.


Hello, Since recently this feature is not working as it used to on any devices, people have reported similar issue after 3-4 months of usage. Aviation later flight plan does not draw the flight plan anymore. Also after losing network connection it would be nice if the last weather snapshot was still viewable instead of the annoying no cellular connection pop up window. Other than that good app, but I get the feeling the developers made their buck and reviews are lately falling onto deaf ears. Thanks for a good product but fix what’s broken please.

Janette Hill

Great App!! The informative weather forecasting is the most accurate I have experienced. The real time tracking of weather conditions has been literally a “lifesaver” for me both traveling and at home.

Best app for weather

The app is outstanding with the most up to date data available.

My Radar Pro

Excellent App! Easy to use with a plethora of very accurate information that is easily validated with the NOAH inputs and ATC data. The real-time radar scans are extremely accurate!

Was Better

Bought Pro version. It used to be fast and direct. Now it loads slowly, or not at all, and regularly obscures the screen with some nag or unneeded ‘help’.


This is far and away the best weather app I have ever used Being able to locate and get precise data for any area I choose without having to type in the name is huge. I live for data and this provides it

Real Time

Good to track rain ahead of a ride.

Crashes on iPad

The app crashes on the iPad after a few minutes of use.

Sir Crash A lot

App constantly crashes, don’t waste your money!

Good App

Used in hurricane and was great. I wish someone could tell me what the small orange box with an arrow and MPH is on the maps. No information avail. Doesn’t look like wind speed. Seems random???

Great WX App

Love the hurricane tracking feature

Radar Pro

Radar Pro is my go to weather site. I love it.

Doesn’t work...

Upload current photo use to work, now it doesn’t. Developers are not maintaining the app anymore it seems, or maybe when you first purchase app, all features work properly. Over time you seem to lose some of those paid for features.

Best weather App

With my job I travel with Nascar and use this app daily!!!

Awesome App!

My go-to app for anything weather related! I have family living all over the U.S. and this app has been wonderful to track storms and watch their progression.

Freezes then crashes frequently

Pro app was great until a few days ago. I deleted and purchased a radar from another developer.

Awesome App

Fantastic app for normal and aviation forecasting.


Dude this is the bomb! No all serious is really good and it helps a lot in times of distress

Works well

No issues with app so far.

Great app, watch version is bonus goodness!

Incredibly accurate & all in all pretty reliable. I live in the mountains so I depend on accuracy, as I am subjected to almost every kind of weather pattern known to man, sometimes all in the same day! lol

Really detailed weather app.

This is very good and provides a lot of layers to allow a user to customize the view based on what they want to learn now. I also got the in app purchase for hurricanes and it is worth every penny. The app game me a suggestion to turn on wind and cloud layers. This really added useful information and also shows how the development team understands how to maximize this tool for their users. This app is now my number one weather app.

Wonderfully useful

I use this app all the time. From bike riding, hiking, and kayaking to watching for approaching storms at an amusement park or commuting home, I can plan better and be where I need to be at the right moment based on the weather I see coming.


I paid for this pro version originally and then it told me I had to pay again. It now won’t even load after I did that. Can’t explain it but definitely don’t recommend it. I know it wouldn’t happen but it would be nice if we could be refunded our money.

Best weather app ever!

Best weather app ever! I like how you can personalize it to meet your specific interests. Very accurate predictions. Absolutely fantastic!


Love it ...... Like that I can get the flow aloft.......

Sticking it to me on upgrades....

I payed for all my upgrades but a monthly fee for lighting? Really come on! I found another app to substitute.


Works well

THE Weather App to BUY!!!

No comparison hands down get it and buy the in-app HD upgrade!


Work outside, use it multiple times a day.

Pro still makes you pay

Bought the Pro version as son said it included the hurricane tracker, etc. NOPE! Still have to pay extra for this feature (an additional $2.99)! VERY disappointed. Should have just downloaded the free version. The free and pro versions have the same app description.

Best Long Range WX App

This is the best long range ... worldwide weather app.

Go to weather app

Easy to use with a great forecast option.

The best app weather radar app I’ve seen I live my whole daily life around it.

Fantastic app😍😇

Goodbye Storm and Hello My Radar

When Storm became something else I tried several apps but was always disappointed. A friend recommended My Radar and I recommend having good friends with good advice ... just like I do. More than happy with this App.

Bought the pro and have to pay $$ for upgrades??

Bought the pro and have to pay $$ for upgrades?? I feel like I’ve been robbed! I have to pay for hurricane feature after pay for full version.

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