MyRadar Pro Weather Radar App Bewertungen


Great app.


It a great app



Wrong info.

Not worth paying.


until u guys get ur act together, my rating will never get higher. Apparently ur concern for this app is very low, because for weeks the app does NOT come close to efficiency, far from it. Can’t star favorites, can’t REMOVE favorites, does not swipe. You guys out to lunch??? Shame!!

Love it! Best there is

Great app

Permission insistent

Is a recent update this app now absolutely demands that I give it notification permission on my device. I only want to use the app for maps, animated weather, hurricane tracking, etc. I don’t want notifications from this app, but this app now constantly pops up asking me to give it permissions, and it won’t stop. I use another app for weather alerts. The developer has left me with the choice of removing the app or giving it undesired permissions. Forced to remove app.

The best

I’m a dog walker pet sitter property manager have to keep close eye on the weather conditions Iv gone through tons of apps this is the best one I have found for all my weather purposes

Much more defined

The pro version of this app has much better definition. I am always able to rely on it accuracy.


What do some popup info boxes have to do with weather radar?? If it's not related to weather don't show it. Stop advertising Star Citizen. If you have the paid version why do you have to see ads. My local news weather radar shows snow showers, but MyRadar Pro doesn't show any type of precipitation. Radar needs better quality feed.

Accurate Radar

This is my favorite go to weather app for immediate radar weather information and coverage!!!

Nice app but

Nice app with great features, but the upgrade links within the app do not connect to iTunes Store. In addition, I purchased the Pro addition, specifically for the hurricane feature, and got the standard app. They got my $. Disappointed. Hope there is a remedy. I will gladly update my review upon resolution.

I have iPhone6. Can someone explain why I need the update to support iPhonesX?

I have iPhone6. Can someone explain why I need the update to support iPhonesX?

The best so far

Is the best radar app I have never used as a professional driver and I use it on a daily basis. I find the radar scans to be quite accurate and up-to-date and the paid version is well worth the money. Short sweet and to the point it’s the best radar app I have found.

Best radar app in the store

The developers continually work on this app and add new features all the time. It just gets better and better all the time. It's accurate and easy to use. I have given up on looking for a better radar and weather app because this is it!

Great app for following the weather

I’ve used this app for the last couple of years and enjoy using it to see the wind patterns with radar. Helpful for the big picture and planning outdoor activities. Many useful features.


Excellent app. The best weather radar app. ever!


This app is horrible now. Very inaccurate and has many bugs and glitches. Not worth a penny. Free version is even better then this crap


Dependable, easier to manipulate for my low vision. I appreciate that very much. Color contrast and other settings are very good for those of us needing to “see” weather. Thank you.

Pretty but useless

Like so many others, I was looking for a replacement for the excellent hi-def noaa radar app, which I’d had for years, that self-imploded this year. This app had so many great reviews, I took a chance and donated my money to the developers of this app. I say donated because I got nothing in return but some colorful but useless graphics. How this got so many great reviews, I can only imagine. Hmm. But I can see that there are more negative ones starting to filter in. I really just need hi-def, accurate radar that doesn’t crash every time I move the map. This app is slow to load, shows an intro menu everything time I open it—I could go on and on, but if you’re serious about weather and not into social media glamor, this is not it. I’ve deleted this app, moving on, keeping hoping someone will build a reasonably priced, intelligent app without all the bloatware.

Golfer Aid

I’m an avid golfer and this app has been very helpful on showing if it’s worth it to hit the links when the weather predictions are questionable!!!

works for me

have used this app for years. funny to read some of the whiney reviews. not like there isn’t 1000s of weather apps to try if this one isn’t for you. there’s a lot to like about this app if you ask me.

Feels like temp

Please add feels like temp

Terrific tool you will love!

This is a great resource — I use throughout the day. If you a “weather guy or gal” or just “checking in On things this is the weather app for you.


Too good for any words !!

iPhone X update😔

I was looking forward to the iPhone X update, so I could take advantage of the full screen. I was disappointed when I opened the app, because there is an ugly gray bar at the very top, where the notch is. Almost there guys, but not quite yet! Keep it up 👍🏼 Ok, so correction: The gray bar seems to be only when using the white map background. On the black and terrain background, it's great!! Thank you.

Very effective and accurate

This app is terrific. We chose to stay on the golf course or leave based on the movement of the rain clouds. And the temps shown at the cross hair is very handy.

My Radar is awesome!

I use My Radar all the time to check the weather when I am home and when traveling. This app helps me be prepared for whatever Mother Nature has in store for us!

Not happy with customer service

Tried contact their FB page to get MyRadar Pro, professional pack, & hurricane pack from my iOS to my new android box apple slow-gate No one has respond for days. Would not recommend this app to anyone.

The HD package isn’t worth it.

Don’t get the HD upgrade. It does not show snow amounts in color like the basic package does. I hope they fix it soon.


Great!! I use this daily and it never lets me down


I use it often and find it reliable. The best weather app I have ever found.

My Radar


Great Weather App!

I love this app! My wife and I are addicted to checking this app to see how much rain/snow is coming. We have been using it for two years now. The radar image is super high res and seems accurate. Never had one bug either.

Outstanding alerts and reliable!

Great detail and the app pushes alerts to you automatically based on your here in tornado alley that is comforting! This is out “go to” for all our weather info both at home and while on travel.


My go to weather app. Use it daily



Extremely useful tool

This app has been extremely useful especially in the winter months where weather can become inclement very quickly. I use this app every day.


Always seems to be on the money. Very dependable. I very much recommend this app..

Additional source for big picture on weather!

I’ve used this app for a long time for travel planning and also as a pilot. Although not considering official weather for aviation weather briefing, myself and many other pilots use it for tactical and strategic pre-planning. For personal travel I’ve used it on motorcycle trips for same great and accurate overview of what’s going on around you. Oh, and I live in Oklahoma so great tool during tornado season!!!

Don’t hesitate . . .

This will be your “go to” app for outdoor activities!


Would like to see Lightning strikes added soon.

Best I’ve ever used!

Can’t beat this one!

Graph does not work

The graph showing pressure and temp has not worked on my I Pad for a month. Please get to work again.i sent this problem to you over a month ago and nothing has changed. I use the vertical line graph for temp and pressure every day for health reasons to track my related sleep problems. Please fix it so can get my reading each morning like the past year or so that shows last 24hours. Thanks

Good app

This app works as intended and is very good.

Adware and location update

“Message of the day” popups with adware (on the pro version!) for a PC game. The Weather functionality is “partly broken with a chance of crash”.. graphs on ipad are non-functional beyond taking up space. It now asks for ‘Always On Location’, repeatedly. Considering the recent adware, this screams tracker ;) The ONLY content updates on pro have been ads for a pc game, and fake moons (even spamming the APPLE app store notes with a PC ad). At least it looks pretty and works! Bottom Line: Yes there are bugs and a few nagging quasi-adware popups, but the weather parts are mostly solid. Instead of fake moons, perhaps look into adding data from the NEW Noaa GOES-East Satellite. PS- Adware pushed on MAC users for a PC game that doesn’t support OSX or iOS? 0.o GG getting the game developer to pay to promote on iOS, a platform of users that will never play his game and will now loathe it.. That is just wrong on so many levels.


This app is great for determining where the storm will track.

Please update for iPhone X

I think the radar animation is by far the best available, but the overall graphic design is weak and the map quality is lower than other radar apps (Use Apple or Google maps). I suggest that should be improved, along with adding support for iPhone X.

Crash city!

I paid for an upgrade and got nothing. Continual crashes on my IPad. Worked well for a few months now - just a failure. Even reinstalled and still crashes. Switching to some more reliable app today.

Great weather appp

It’s now my go to weather app.


Tired of every time I open the PRO paid app, I get a pop-up begging for a rating. AND the loading takes forever. It’s about time for the App shuffle - that’s where an app closes, disappears, is removed, and then POOF, a brand new app is up for sale. Developers do it all the time once the can no longer sell the app.

iMac Version

This app is great! When will it appear on the iMac?


Appears latest update needs location set to Always in order to receive alerts. Keeps reminding me each time i start the app. Have always set it to while using the app. I thought i was getting alerts May have changed with latest update will find out if we ever get some bad weather Leaving it set to While using the app to see what happens

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